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The Miramichi Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogy Society has assembled books that list headstone transcriptions from all cemeteries in Northumberland County. Transcriptions of all intact stones were transcribed in 2002. We now have a book printed for each parish in the county. These are Alnwick, Blackville, Blissfield, Chatham (2 Vols.), Derby, Glenelg, Hardwicke, Ludlow, Nelson, Newcastle (2 Vols.), North Esk, Rogersville, and South Esk. For the parishes of Chatham and Newcastle, because of their size, it was necessary to print two volumes for each. These books are now for sale at a minimal charge to cover the cost of printing and publishing.

You may search our online database to determine if these books contain information pertaining to your family history. Enter the family name that you are researching in the space provided below. The names in the database are spelled exactly as they are shown on the cemetery tombstones. If you are not successful with your first attempt, you should try again using different variations of the name.

Please do not use the apostrophe (') in your name search. Just type your name omitting the apostrophe (').

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